Writing Success XXV
2016 Winners:


2. "From Broken to Beautiful" by Belinda Cohen

3. "Channeling the Golden Bowl" by Ruth Ochs Webster

Honorable Mention:
"Spring Forward in Your Career" by Carol Silvis

Children's Story

1. "A Children's Western" by Kathy Fieser

2. "Praise the Lord Parade" by Carol Hamilton

3. "You Are Special" by Betty Rosian

Honorable Mention:
"Short Emily" by Margaret Provenzano

Creative Nonfiction

1. "Why Wake a Sleeping Baby?" by Kathy Fieser

2. "Being Tested" by Debbie Sanchez

3. "Moving to Johnstown" by Betty Rosian

Honorable Mentions:
"Flying Home" by Betsy Bell, "Out of Chaos, Love Prospers" by Belinda Cohen, and "We'd Be Thrilled to Go!" by Virginia McBurney


1. "Labor Day" by Betty Rosian

2. "Vapors" by Cindy Bingham

3. "Unconditional Love" by Hana Haatainen-Caye

Honorable Mentions:
"Abigail: A Salty Saint" by Lynda Lindsey and "Finishing Well" by Elaine Snider

Light Verse

3. "Soup Season" by Betsy Bell

Honorable Mentions:
"Election Limericks" by Judith DeAngelo and "Lickin' Chicken" by Kathy Fieser

Poetic Forms

2. "An Oak Swing" by Jenifer McNamara

3. "Dawn's Embrace" by Betsy Bell


2. "The Serpent's Promise" by Hana Haatainen-Caye

3. "Touch Me" by Connie Cook

Honorable Mentions:
"Sacred Hearts' Cathedral" by Betsy Bell, "Miss Lydia" by Jack Wonner, and "Quotes from My Mother for Future Reference" by Debbie Sanchez

Novel Beginning

1. "Jesse: The War of Rebellion" by Ruth Ochs Webster

2. "A Shot in the Dark" by Belinda Cohen and "The Sundowners" by Kathy Fieser

3. "My-ree's World" by Ruth Rice

Honorable Mention: "Indiction Harvest" by Debbie Sanchez

Short Story

1. "Juney's Birthdays" by Betty Rosian

2. "The Aroma of Answered Prayers" by Hana Haatainen-Caye

3. "To Endure" by Breana English

Honorable Mentions: "A Hero's Welcome" by Belinda Cohen and "A Lot to Be Thankful For" by Vicki Grey

25th Anniversary

1. "Silver Days, Golden Memories" by Debbie Sanchez

2. "Listening to Your Heart" by Belinda Cohen







2017 Contests

blue ribbon

All entries must be postmarked and mailed to Audrey Stallsmith at 87 East Pines Road, Hadley, PA 16130 by April 10, 2017. There is no charge if you have registered for the conference. You must attend the conference to enter the contests.

Your envelope and entries should be clearly marked CONTEST. You must include a cover sheet with your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (if you have one). The cover sheet should also list your entry categories, and manuscript titles. Please do not put your name on your manuscripts.

You may enter as many categories as you’d like, but enter each category only once.


Poetry Contests

Poetry: You may enter one poem, in any poetic style, with a total of 40 lines or less (not counting the title and byline).

Light Verse: You may enter one poem, with a total of 40 lines or less (not counting the title and byline). Make us laugh.

Poetic Forms: From the poetic forms listed at this link, choose one and write a poem which follows the guidelines for that particular form. When typing it up for submission, indicate in the title line which form you are using, followed by a colon and the actual title. You may enter one poem, with a total of 40 lines or less (not counting the title and byline).


Fiction Contests

Novel Beginning: You may send one entry, of 1,000 words or less, which is the beginning of a novel in any genre. This may be aimed at either adults or young adults.

Short Story: You may enter one complete short story, of 1,500 words or less, in any genre. This may be aimed at either adults or young adults, but must be fiction.

Children’s Story: You may enter one picture book or children's story for a magazine, complete in 1,000 words or less.


Nonfiction Contests

Devotional: You may enter one devotional of 250 words or less. A scripture and/or prayer are optional, but should be included in the word count if used.

Creative Nonfiction/Memoir: You may enter one real-life incident, of 1,000 words or less, on the theme of "The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made." The piece can be either light or serious, but should be a true story.

Blog: You may enter one blog posting of 500 words or less on any subject.


Contest Information

You can see the list of last year's prize-winners displayed in the right-hand column. Keep in mind that our judges don't always award all of the prizes in all of the categories. We require that the first-place piece be publishable as it is, that the second-place piece be publishable with only some minor revisions, and etc. So please send only your best work!

If you are unsure of the correct manuscript format for some entries, you can easily find that information online. Except for poetry, manuscripts should always be double spaced.